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I have been tutoring students in mathematics, physics, Earth sciences, chemistry and other sciences for over 15 years. I have worked with students of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. I was an adjunct professor and lecturer at several universities and colleges, and have taken specialized certification programs for university teaching over the course of my career. I have a Ph.D. in Marine and Atmospheric science and a B.S. in Physics and Astronomy.
I usually take on students in the beginning of the semester, building up their critical thinking skills and honing their quantitative and analytical skills in the subject material. I devote personal attention to each of my clients' needs and orient the material to best suit their learning style. In addition to solving homework problems and preparing for class projects and exams, I often develop concept lists and summaries that highlight important points. This type of tutoring requires that I follow the course outline with the student step by step from the beginning to the end of the course.
I also accept students who need a crash tutoring session to review for a mid-term or final exam. Although this is not as effective of a means to learn the subject material at hand or develop critical thinking skills, many students have used this service and profited greatly from the sessions.
I have also included a list of sample courses in mathematics and physics from various universities and CEGEPS that I teach at the bottom of the page (Concordia, McGill, Dawson and Marianopolis College). I also teach a wide variety of other science courses including geology, oceanography, astronomy, chemistry, and sustainability. If you attend a different college or university or do not see your course listed below, please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.
Below you will find my contact information and prices for the various types of tutoring sessions offered.
I can be reached by phone at (514) 419-6156.
Costs for various tutoring sessions:
Semester blocks:
5 sessions (1 hour per week): $200.00
10 sessions (1 hour per week): $350.00
15 sessions (1 hour per week): $525.00
Group rates of 2 or more:
5 sessions (1 hour per week): $150.00 (each)
10 sessions (1 hour per week): $250.00 (each)
15 sessions (1 hour per week): $375.00 (each)
Crash tutoring rates: Mid-term and final exam
One-on one tutoring: $50 per hour
Groups of 2 or more: $35 (each) per hour
* Note that these are general prices for first and second year university students, and that some upper division, last year or specialized courses may be priced differently depending on level and intensity of subject material.
List of sample courses in Mathematics and Physics from different universities and CEGEPS:
Elementary Algebra: Math 200
College Algebra and Trigonometry: Math 202
Elementary Linear Algebra: Math 204
Single Variable Calculus: Math 205
college Algebra: Math 206
Linear Algebra: Math 251
Multivariable Calculus: Math 264
complex Analysis: Math 366
Elementary Differential Equations: Math 370
Probability I: STAT 249
Statistics: STAT 250
Single Variable Calculus: Math 203
Calculus and Linear algebra: MAST 214
Intro to Mathematical thinking: MAST 217
Multivariate Calculus: MASt 218
Mathematical Statistics: MAST 221
Linear Algebra and ApplicationsL MAST 235
Chaos: An introduction to Dynamical Systems: MAST 331
Mechanics: Phys 204
Electricity & Magnetism: Phys 205
Waves and Modern Physics: Phys 206
Theoretical Physics I: Phys 232
Classical Mechanics: Phys 245
Optics: Phys 252
Electricity & Magnetism I: Phys 253
Electricity & Magnetism II: Phys 354
Advanced classical Mechanics: Phys 345
Quantum Mechanics I: Phys 377
Quantum Mechanics II: Phys 478
Quantum Mechanics II: Phys 478
Mathematics for Education Students: Math 111
Fundamentals of Mathematics: Math 112
Calculus for Management: Math 122
Linear Algebra and Probability: Math 123
Linear Algebra and Geometry: math 133
Enriched Linear Algebra and Geometry: Math 134
Calculus 1 with precalculus: Math 139
Calculus 1: Math 140
Calculus 2: Math 141
Calculus A: Math 150
Calculus B: Math 151
Principles of Statistics 1: Math 203
Principles of Statistics 2: Math 204
Calculus 3: Math 222
Linear Algebra: Math 223
Algebra 1: Math 235
Algebra 2: Math 236
Intermediate Calculus: Math 262
Ordinary Differential Equations for Engineers: Math 263
Linear Algebra and Partial differential Equations: Math 271
Advanced Calculus: Math 314
Ordinary differential Equations: Math 315
Introduction to Partial Differential Equations: Math 319
Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos: Math 326
Honours Regression and analysis of variance: Math 533
Introduction to Time Series Analysis: Math 545
Introductory Physics - Mech.: Phys 101
Introductory PHysics - Electro.: Phys 102
Mechanics and Waves: Phys 131
Electromagnetism and Optics: Phys 142
Space, Time and Matter: Phys 180
Everyday Physics: Phys 181
Our Evolving Universe: Phys 182
Energy and Environment: Phys 184
Planets, Stars and Galaxies: Phys 204
Our Evolving Universe: Phys 205
Introductory Astrophysics: Phys 214
Physics and Psychophysics of Music: Phys 224
Energy and Environment: Phys 228
Dynamics of Simple Systems: Phys 230
Heat and Waves: Phys 232
Electricity and magnetism: PHys 242
Honours Classical Mechanics I: Phys 252
Introduction to Quantum Physics: Phys 271
Majors Electricity and Magnetism: Phys 340
Majors Electromagnetic Waves: Phys 342
Honours Classical Mechanics II: Phys 351
Honours Quantum Physics I: Phys 357
Physics of fluids: Phys 432
Honours Quantum Physics 2: Phys 457
Astrophysics: Phys 521
Quantum Theory: Phys 551
Remedial Activities for secondary IV Mathematics: 201-013-50
Remedial Activities for Secondary V Mathematics: 201-015-50
Calculus I: 201-103-DW
Linear Algebra: 201-105-DW
Calculus II: 201-203-DW
Indroduction to statistical Methods: 201-922-DW
Calculus III: 201-BZF-05
Calculus I: 201-NYA-05
Calculus II: 201-NYB-05
Linear Algebra: 201-NYC-05
Remedial Activities for Secondary V Physics:
Physics for Technology 2: 203-922-DW
Mechanics: 203-NYA-05
Electricity and Magnetism: 203-NYB-05
Waves, Optics and Modern Physics: 203-NYC-05
Topics in Mathematics: 201-LCX-05
Calculus I: 201-NYA-05
Calculus II: 201-NYB-05
Calculus III: 201-LCU-05
Linear Algebra I: 201-NYC-05
Linear Algebra II: 201-LCV-05
Probability and Statistics: 201-LCW-05
Differential Equations: 201-LCZ-MS
Mechanics: 203-NYA-05
Electricity and Magnetism: 203-NYB-05
Waves, Light and Modern Physics: 203-NYC-05
Astrophysics: 203-LCW-05
Topics in Physics: 203-LCZ-05
Location: downtown Montreal

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